A Prep Guide for Your

Fresh 48

The first 48 hours of your newborn's life is a special, sacred time for the whole family. It's shocking how quickly they grow and perhaps more shocking that we forget how small they were during those first precious days. I'm honored to capture some beautiful moments for you, and to help you prepare for our time together I've gathered a few helpful suggestions.

Fresh 48 Session


This is the most crucial piece of advice I have for the best photos. Hospital lighting is terrible, so we will turn off the lights, open up the blinds, and take most of our photos close to the windows. Please take note of the best time of day for your pictures. The best lighting is soft, indirect light. 

Morning sessions work usually work best for east facing windows, and afternoon sessions are ideal for west facing windows. The sun should be above your window instead of shining directly through it.

Preparing Baby

If you would mostly like sleepy baby pictures, please nurse baby before I arrive, but if you would like photos of mama nursing, try to time the session to start around when the baby needs to nurse.

Baby will also be happiest in a warm room, especially if we're taking diaper-only pictures, so plan adjust the thermometer before we begin.


If you would like to use your personal swaddles, special outfits, or any other personal props (such as signs with baby's stats), please have those pulled out and ready to use. 

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Georgia Day-18.jpg
Georgia Day-18.jpg

What to Wear

I suggest wearing something flowy and non-constrictive, such as comfy pjs or a robe. Even a loose fitting t-shirt would be just fine. Just think about what you will be happy with several years from now and what you wouldn't mind showing off to friends and family (if it is your intention to share your photos). If you would like to, I also suggest bringing your make up bag to put on a little bit of makeup.


When you're able, shoot me a text to let me know you're at the hospital and then we'll plan our session for a time that will work best for your schedule. If the hospital allows for multiple visitors, this can also overlap with grandparents or siblings seeing baby for the first time.

Congratulations, and I can't wait to see you and baby soon!

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